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Products and Services

Deliver the right message to the right voter at the right time.

As our core capability, the Voter Genome Project offers advanced voter segmentation. Rather than targeting at the census strip or precinct level based on subjective generalizations drawn from polls, our unique approach looks at the broader characteristics of each individual citizen and measures their voting tendencies and political sympathies –not just by what they say in polls, but also by objective data about what they actually do in their normal day-to-day lives.

By learning more about individual voters, Voter Genome Project is able to move beyond generalizations and myths about the masses. The old reliance on various stereotypes, whether racial, ethnic, age, gender, religious, or geographic are all defeated using Voter Genome Project’s capabilities and expertise.

True political micro-targeting.

Analyzing objective data, including consumer purchases and everyday activities, we can accurately and narrowly profile individual contributors and supporters, based on a campaign’s list or polling data.  We then find commonality of interests and behaviors across a defined and desired range of a target population.  A new list is then exploded out on a nationwide basis to find other voters with similar profiles in every electoral precinct in the country–whether politically active or not yet registered–and rank them in order of contact priority.

To complete the process:

  • We help you develop messages aimed directly at targeted voters and contributors;
  • We help you deliver the message in an individualized and cost-efficient manner;
  • We help you turn those potential supporters into voters, volunteers, and donors.

Products and services that Voter Genome Project can provide to you include:

Voter CloneTM

You give us a list of your supporters (or we find them via polling), and we’ll profile them, give you a detailed report of the statistical breakdown, and then find everyone like them across the district or across the country in ranked order of priority of contact.

Voter Clone is uniquely positioned to discover likely new campaign and candidate supporters that other conventional analysis techniques will either miss, or take much longer to deliver results.  The desired Voter Clone profile that is generated will incorporate a wide variety of demographics and psychographics that will help you find those potentially sympathetic voters.


Voter Clone’s speciality is looking deeper and faster beyond standard demographics (nuclear families, blended families, baby boomers, etc.).  Voter Clone also moves its analysis beyond the reported behavior of survey and interview data, and into actual behavioral and natural population segments with a vast array of available information–political, consumer, education, professions, and so on.

In essence, Voter Clone allows you to move past a reactive state, responding to survey data and observed behavior, and into more of a predictive state–focusing your valuable campaign time communicating to a targeted audience that rapidly becomes your voter base.

Donor CloneTM

You give us a list of your donors, and we’ll profile them and then find everyone like them across the district or across the country ranked in order of priority of contact.

Donor Clone and Voter Clone are based on similar technology and analytic approaches. It can be much more difficult to find the sympathetic audience that will be likely to move past casting their vote in your favor.  Seeking that rare breed of person who is willing to contribute to a candidate or campaign with their time as volunteers, or with funds from their pocket book, is a perpetual challenge.

Donor Clone helps bridge the gap between the candidate and the likely group of supporters willing to take the extra step.  Like Voter Clone, Donor Clone will assess your current list of donors, and find a unique profile quickly and easily with unique degrees of connection and similarity across the results.

Donor Clone allows you to move past a reactive state of observation of existing donor histories, and into a predictive state, locating likely and potential new donors that would not have been discovered using conventional approaches.  Never waste time cold-calling for contributions ever again with Donor Clone.

District GenomeTM

Detailed analysis of the relevant state or district including demographics, analysis & interpretation of available polling data and electoral history presented using state-of-the-art interactive geo-spatial mapping technology.

Voter Track BackTM

With Voter Track Back, we start out with the new voter registrants in a relevant district or state.  In turn, we then tell you who they are, what makes them tick, where they came from, and where they were before that (and then even before that).  Our change of address database can track voters’ moves in their life histories, going back over a decade.

The key benefit with Voter Track Back is the combined breadth and depth of our ability to match new movers with their old addresses. We are able to find not only their consumer profiles, but also pair that vast data source with their prior voting histories. With our vast processing power resources, we can look out across all the voter files in the country at unmatched speed and find a recent mover’s voting records at his or her old addresses.

Current competitive database models fall short of this depth of capability. They are much slower, and typically more expensive than Voter Genome Project. For example, searching the entire nationwide database for only 5,000 new Iowa voters’ histories is not cost-effective for other top-heavy data warehousing systems. However, the world has changed–finding those 5,000 may now be the difference for any campaign, even at the national level.

New Faces—New VotesTM

With Voter Genome Project’s analytic capabilities, New Faces–New Votes can tell you who has recently moved into your district or state of interest who is not yet registered

–but who is likely to be sympathetic to your candidate or ballot issue.  More importantly, we are able to update this new constituent information on a weekly basis so that you can successfully contact prime voters and potentially strong supporters while they’re still unpacking their boxes.  You–and they–don’t have to wait until they finally get around to registering to vote right before the deadline.

Snap TrackTM

We can profile and generate an appropriate sample panel of voters, either within a district or state-wide for quick, efficient, and effective reaction and feedback.  Correlated with our data warehouse analytics, Snap Track provides both validation of previous campaign strategy decisions, as well as the basis for new strategic thinking and decision-making.